• Chandra Isenberg

Sam and Karah | Intimate Wedding in Somerset England

Sam and Karah met in Boston and fell in love. However, Sam's career took him back home to Somerset in the UK. Separated by the Atlantic, they spent three years, doing the distance thing. It wasn't easy, but these two belong together and made it work. After many, many flights to visit each other in the US, the UK, Ireland, and Iceland, they finally tied the knot in Somerset, England this summer. Their love is so palpable. They are constantly laughing together, and it's easy to see that they just belong together. What a lovely couple to photograph. The location, on Kilve Beach was perfect. The geology was gorgeous, rock strata jutting up out of the beach and creating a beautiful backdrop along the Bristol Channel. There were fossils galore! Sam and Karah's love is something special, and it was a pleasure to be able to photograph their wedding this summer. Scotland's natural beauty is pretty phenom bomb, but England's got it going on too! <3

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